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Russian Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Siver Charoite Pendant We produce sterling silver pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets featuring charoite, seraphinite, rhodonite, eudialyte, dendritic agate, nephrite jade, rainbow pyrite and other Russian gemstones.

Our jewelry is individually hand crafted resulting in an endless variety of combinations and shapes. While we are constantly developing and making new designs, each piece shares in common our ultimate goal of accentuating the intrinsic beauty of our unique gemstones. Towards this end we utilize clean silverwork with simple lines in our designs, and present the stones as the focal points in our work.

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Sterling Siver Charoite Jewelry
Sterling Siver Rhodonite Jewelry
Sterling Siver Cat's Eye Jade Jewelry
Cat's Eye Jade
Sterling Siver Strawberry Quartz Jewelry
Strawberry Quartz
Sterling Siver Seraphinite Jewelry
Sterling Siver Dendritic Agate Jewelry
Dendritic Agate
Sterling Siver Rainbow Pyrite Jewelry
Rainbow Pyrite
Sterling Siver Eudialyte Jewelry

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